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Shetland Pony Stud: Mares

Kerswell Maggie

Kerswell Maggie

Golden Dun

33.5 inches

A beautiful, 'senior', golden dun mare with some wonderful bloodlines: Maggie's grandsire is Ron of North Wells. Her dam, Kerswell Morag, and sire, Kerswell Morston are both striking dun ponies.



Sire:Kerswell Morston
Grand Sire: Ron of North Wells
Grand Dam: Winchcombe Marjoire
Dam:Kerswell Morag
Grand Sire: Tyros Storm of Lambridge
Grand Dam: Amside Minkie

Milly of Merilin

Strawberry Roan

31 inches

Mare with a wonderful termperament, an outstanding brood mare with a wealth of mane and tail.


Sire: Shoemaker Gucci
Grand Sire: Maple of Brindister
Grand Dam: Treffgarne Cotton


Dam: Marigold of Merilin
Grand Sire: Learrons Love Affair
Grand Dam: Clothie Russibell
Shoemaker Wind in the Willows

Shoemaker Wind in the Willows

Strawberry Roan

27 inches




Sire: Maple of Brindister
Grand Sire: Lockinge Macaroon
Grand Dam: Isla of Brindister
Dam:Shoemaker Ruby Tuesday
Grand Sire: Christopher Cracker of Merilin
Grand Dam: Shoemaker Fairytale
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